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“I wish my teacher knew” Project 2023 - 2024

It’s crucial for your kids to know that you want to help them, be there for them, and understand when they may be having a bad day. The “If My Teacher Knew” project is designed to keep communication open between teacher and student.

Explain to your students that this does not substitute notifying you if there is an emergency. Take the time to make this extra clear to our students and provide them with examples (someone is being bullied, injured, etc.).

Tell your students that the responses are only for you and that they will not be shared with other students.

Every student is given a note card during this activity and every student turns it in whether they have something they want to discuss (put on the note) or not. (This is done so that students do not feel singled out if they are the only ones who turn in a note). 

Finally, ask your students to write their names on the notes. Let them know you can’t directly help them or talk to them about their note if they’re anonymous. However, that’s up to your discretion. (A spot for their name is on each note but they do not have to fill in their name if they don’t want to)

This can be done every day, every other day, or twice a week it is up to each individual teacher.

Interested in this program please email us at Subject I wish my teacher knew.

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