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Suicide prevention is everybody's business, we can all be aware of the warning signs and we all have a role to play in suicide prevention.  By taking the Say "Hello" Save a Life pledge you are taking a step to help prevent suicide in our communities and becoming a partner in prevention.

Sign the pledge below to demonstrate your commitment to talk more openly about suicide and reduce the stigmas associated with suicide and mental health in our communities.

I pledge that I will:

* Tell someone if I need help;

* Be aware of the suicide warning signs in others;

* Ask directly about suicide if I'm worried about someone;

* Listen without judgment and do what I can to keep them safe;

* Help you get support if you're struggling and/or thinking about suicide.

For signing this pledge and including your name and address JJ's Hello Foundation the creators of the Say "Hello" Save a Life pledge agree to send you a free sticker.  The sticker helps signify your commitment to suicide prevention and reducing the stigmas associated with mental health.  You will also be included in our mailing list and receive emails about additional ways to help JJ's Hello Foundation end youth suicide.  Thank you for your commitment and support.

Click the picture above to go to the pledge form.  

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