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Hello, my name is Josh Anderson Sr.  I am the president and co-founder of JJ’s Hello Foundation a youth mental health and suicide prevention foundation created in 2016 following the loss of our 12-year-old son JJ to suicide.  The mission of JJ's Hello Foundation is to prevent youth suicide, promote mental health awareness, and create a message of hope for pre-teens, teens, and young adults in our community.


Recently we entered into a partnership with a fellow nonprofit Tell My Story founded by Jay Reid who also lost his son to suicide the same year.  As part of this partnership, both JJ’s Hello Foundation and Tell My Story would like to provide a showing of Tell My Story’s film “What I Wish My Parents Knew”.  What I Wish My Parents Knew is a 45-minute question-provoking film followed by a 45-minute panel session with my wife and myself from JJ’s Hello Foundation and when available a representative from Tell My Story.  We would also love to have mental health experts from the school district along with Mental health professionals from the community available for questions and answers.


The showing would be open to teachers, staff, administrators, parents, and students from the entire district and would be presented in a school gymnasium or auditorium.  This would be offered to you at ZERO cost.  The co-presenters would provide all materials along with food and drinks for the guests. We are hoping to connect with you as soon as possible because when it comes to the mental health of our student’s time is of the essence.  To learn more you can reach either JJ’s Hello Foundation or Tell My Story at the information below.  Thank you for your time.


Michelle and Josh Anderson                                                 Dana Christian Lee

Co-Founders JJ’s Hello Foundation                                   Director of Programming

916 750 5272                                                                          616 634 1121


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